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April 13, 2017

 Dear Ahmanson 12Kers!

 April 15th, is fast approaching so we want to give you some final instructions to help you enjoy your race with us in beautiful Ahmanson Ranch.

 The hills are green and wildflowers are in bloom so we hope you will take in the scenes and the scents that Mother Nature has planned for you! You are so lucky to   be running the beautiful hills of this wonderland while others are home watching Saturday morning cartoons… take note, the event is on Saturday, not Sunday! 


The location is at the farthest west end of Victory Blvd. If you plug 25000 Victory Blvd. into Waze, it should get you there.  


·      If taking the 101, please exit at Valley Circle/Mulholland and go east on Valley Circle until you come to Victory Blvd.

·      Turn left on Victory and continue until you see cars parked on the street.  


·      Parking is extremely limited so we highly recommend RIDE SHARING to help get everyone close to the park.

·      All parking is free on race day.

·      There is no participant parking up at the trailhead.

·      This is a residential neighborhood so please be considerate and keep your voices down while you park and walk up to the bib area.

·      If you arrive early enough to enter the upper parking area, you will be instructed to park head-in, with both front tires against the curb. Please park in a manner to fit as many cars inside as possible, IOW please don’t leave huge gaps between cars.

·      If you arrive a little later, you will need to park parallel to the curb on Victory Blvd. Please try to park in a manner to fit as many cars along the street as possible, IOW please don’t leave huge gaps in front of you.

·      You will be parking on a hill so please remember to roll your front tires against the curb and set your parking brake.

*You will see some restricted parking signs along the length of Victory Blvd. WE HAVE OBTAINED RELAXED PARKING FROM THE CITY so you are safe to park all along Victory Blvd. down to Valley Circle. The relaxed parking will be in effect during the hours of 5:00a.m. to 1:00pm.



·      Bib pickup and race day registration will open at 6:00AM; race day registration fee is $65, cash only.

·      If you are pre-registered, please go to the bib pickup table and stand in the appropriate line for the first letter of your last name. Please present photo ID to pick up your bib.

·      If you would like us to keep your dry clothes while you run, we will provide drop bags and marking pens; no valuables please. Unclaimed bags will only be mailed back at the owner’s expense.


·      6:00AM to 7:45AM - Check-in; bib pick up; on-site day registration, space permitting.

·      7:50AM – Proceed to the start line for the announcements.

·      8:00AM – Start time.

·      9:30AM – Awards Presentation (time approximate).

·      11:30AM - Course Closure. 


·      The course is open to public use on race day. You are likely to encounter hikers, joggers, mountain bikers and equestrians. Participants are always required to give trail access to equestrians (horses).

·      Mountain trail runs may be hazardous. Be prepared to encounter uneven footing and rocks. Falls are a possibility. Encounters with wildlife, including rattlesnakes, are possible.

·      Due to recent rains, there is rough trail section extending from mile 2.5 to mile 3 (mileage approximate). There is also a large area of trail washout just before mile 3 (approximate). This washout will be marked with hazard tape and all participants need to slow down and take a bypass detour against the hillside before resuming the trail. Please do not attempt to pass other participants during these sections of the trail.

·      Temperatures are expected to warm up. Please dress accordingly and wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.

·      There is one water refill spot at mile 3.5-ish; please bring a bottle or container to carry fluids between stations.

·      Medical teams will be stationed at mile 3.5-ish on the racecourse and at the finish line. Please inform the medical team if you experience any symptoms that concern you.

·      CA State Parks MBU (Mountain Bike Units) will be roaming the racecourse for your safety. They will be the gals and guys wearing yellow shirts.

·      It is not likely that you will get lost on the race course but if you have gone some distance without seeing an arrow or ribbons, please backtrack to the last spot where you saw markings and pick up the trail again.

·      We will have sweepers who will travel the race course on foot leaving the start line at 8:15a.m.  


·      All participants must wear their race bib plainly visible on the front of their body.

·      Course distance is not exact.  This is a trail run, it is not USAT&F certified.

·      The course is on fire roads with some loose dirt.  Trail shoes are recommended however they are not required.

·      Course cutting is prohibited. We will have volunteers on the course to monitor.

·      Course littering is strictly forbidden.  Any runner who is witnessed to be littering will have their race number reported to the race director and will be QD’d and banned from participation in future events.

·      All participants must adhere to our “no illegal pacing” rule. Illegal pacers are any runners who are not wearing a legal race bib and who are observed to be running with event participants. Pacing via bicycle is forbidden.  Pacing rules will be strictly enforced.

·      Dogs are not permitted on the racecourse or at "base camp".

·      Finishers will receive the coveted A12K Finisher Medal.

·      Results will be posted within seven days, on Ultra Signup. You will receive an email.

·      Ahmanson 12K Trails is made possible by the generous support of our Sponsors.  Please support our sponsors who are displayed on the sponsor page of the race website:

·      This event will be held “rain or shine”. 

EARPHONES /BUDS are discouraged by RRCA for their sanctioned events. We have a ONE BUD ONLY rule at A12K; please observe this.

AWARDS PRESENTATION will begin at approx. 9:30am. Runners must be present to receive awards and raffle prizes; they will not be mailed. 


Comfort Inn                                                              

20157 Ventura Blvd.                                                           

Woodland Hills, CA 91364                                       

(818) 347-8080                                                   

Courtyard Marriott                                        

15433 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

(818) 981-5400      

Happy Trails and thank you for supporting the Ahmanson 12K Trails.

Nancy Shura-Dervin


April 1, 2016

From the northbound Ventura Freeway (Hwy 101): 

  • Exit Valley Circle/Mulholland.
  • Right turn on Valley Circle.
  • Go Past El Camino H.S.
  • Continue to Victory Blvd.
  • Left turn on Victory Blvd.
  • Proceed all the way to the top of the hill to the 4-way stop.

From the southbound Ventura Freeway (Hwy 101): 

  • Exit Valley Circle/Mulholland.
  • Left turn at the offramp.
  • Left turn on Mulholland/Valley Circle.
  • Continue to Victory Blvd.
  • Left turn on Victory Blvd.
  • Proceed all the way to the top of the hill to the 4-way stop.


December 28, 2015

Here is a recommended buildup of the long run for new trail runners wanting to complete the Ahmanson 12K Trails. It is advisable to run the long run on hilly trails that will resemble the race course. It is advisable to add 2 or 3 additional shorter runs during the week. Good luck and see you on March 5!

WEEK 1 = 2 miler

WEEK 2 = 3 miler

WEEK 3 = 4 miler

WEEK 4 = easy week

WEEK 5 = 5 miler

WEEK 6 = 6 miler

WEEK 7 = 7 miler

WEEK 8 = easy week

WEEK 9 = A12K Race

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