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June 13, 2016

NOTE: Temperatures are expected to be in the 90s + this weekend; please carry extra fluids, freeze your water bottles, wear shade hats, wet yourself down and slow down your pace. 

* Read all the information on the web page, especially the TRAIL GUIDELINES and FAQs.   

* It is always a good idea to check the Trail Run Events Blog on the night before each run in case there has been a last minute change of location or even run cancellation.

* This run will be held "rain or shine".

* Please remember that this is a volunteer group and it is "free" to run with the group. That said, there are rules and recommendations as posted on the ULs website. The course arrows are made by volunteers who are not responsible to babysit you during the runs. You are running entirely at your own risk and participation in this run implies that you accept the risk.

DATE:  Saturday, June 18    


MEET, GREET, SIGN-IN, GROUP PHOTO: 6:45 AM. Please arrive on time, shoes tied, bottles filled, ready to run at 7:00AM.   

~Exit the 101 at Reseda Blvd. Go South on Reseda to Caballero Trail head (across from Braemer Country Club entrance).


Free curbside parking. Use caution when crossing the street.   

MAX RUNNING TIME & DISTANCE:  21.5-miles or 5h00m; All runners agree to turn-around at 2h20m to allow 2h40m for the return trip.  

~ SIGN IN SHEET: Please use the sign-in sheet at the beginning and end of your run. I need a vehicle license number for every runner! Please note that if you fail to "check off" at the end of your run, you may risk having search and rescue called out at your own expense.  

WATER/TOILETS: Available at Trippett Ranch Musch Camp (mile 6.3, mile 15.2) and at Trippett Parking Lot (mile 7.3 and mile 15.2).

~ ARROWS: Trails will be marked with minimal flour arrows. You will follow the same arrows out and back. There is no guarantee that you wont get lost. Hikers may erase the marks; other running clubs mark their own arrows also; fatigue may cause you to miss an arrow. Pay attention to landmarks to avoid getting lost or better yet, carry your own bottle of flour and make your own arrows (seriously)! Remember, if you want to follow our arrows, you should stay behind the arrow marker.


~That you are running at your own risk.
~That you are trained for and in shape for 5-hours of very hilly miles.
~That you will carry enough fluid, calories and electroloytes to sustain you through 21.5 very hilly miles.     ~That you will turn around at 2h20m.
~That you will run unsupported; finding your own way around the course following the printed directions.
~That you are fully prepared to run in the heat.
~That you may encounter poison oak.
~That you may encounter rattlesnakes and/or other wildlife.
~That you will wear hats, visors, bandanas, sleeves, and sun block.
~That you will not wear headphones while running on the course.
~That you will not litter the course.
~That you will not hold Trail Run Events or its agents or officers
responsible for injury or death to yourself resulting from your training run.
~That you assume responsibility and expense for your own rescue and removal from the course should it be required. This includes, but is not limited to air evacuation. 




  • Start at Caballero Trailhead
  • Caballero Trail to Mulholland FR - mile 1.6
  • Right on Mulholland FR to Bent Arrow Trail - mile 1.9
  • Left on Bent Arrow Trail to Temescal FR30 - mile 2.3
  • Left on Temescal FR30 to Hub Junction - mile 3.8
  • Take the downhill right turn (Eagle Springs FR) to Eagle Junction - mile 5.2
  • Take Musch Trail to Musch Camp (Water here) - mile 6.3
  • Continue on Musch Trail to Trippett parking lot ( water/toilets) - mile 7.3
  • Exit parking lot on Trippett Lane toward East Topanga FR junction - mile 7.6
  • Right on East Topanga FR to Paseo Miramar Trail - mile 10.2
  • Right on Paseo Miramar Trail to Parker Mesa Overlook - mile 10.8 


  • Return to East Topanga FR - mile 11.3
  • Left on East Topanga FR to Trippett Lane - mile 13.9
  • Left on Trippett Lane to Trippett parking lot (water/toilets) - mile 14.1
  • Exit parking lot toward Musch Trail
  • Musch Trail to Eagle Junction - mile 16.3
  • Take downhill Eagle Springs FR to Hub Junction - 17.7
  • Take FR30 to Bent Arrow Trail - 19.2
  • Right on Bent Arrow Trail to Mulholland FR - mile -19.6
  • Right on Mulholland FR to Caballero Trail - mile 19.9
  • Left on Caballero Trail to Reseda - mile 21.5



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