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2005 BullDog Race Comments

Don: (50) - Great race! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it such a great day and for your obvious organizational zeal!

Jack: (25) Thank you for a very well run and beautiful event. You did well.

John (Volunteer Aid Station 1 & 5): Thank you for letting me help. I enjoyed helping the runners, what a great race you put on. The course is a challenge but yet a lot of fun to run. You do a great job! Your volunteers are just awesome Nancy. I admire the care and organization skills you have in your race. You are there for each runner. Very well done!! You have some really awesome people on your team!

Ambrose: (50) Thanks very much for putting on a great race. Needless to say the conditions were challenging for everyone involved. Your crews were fabulous. Despite the searing heat, they provided much needed nutritional, hydration and moral support. Thanks for organizing and successfully operating a very challenging day for everyone involved. Cheers to your staff of helpers as well.

Mike: (50) (1st 50K)I want thank you for directing a very well run, professional race. Unfortunately for me I succumbed to heat exhaustion up on Bulldog. Fortunately, your brilliant sweepers, Cathy and Reggie, along with strong-arm Mark and trash-talking Larry ;-)~ from the Corral aid station rescued me and got me to your very capable home aid station. Well, I guess I am still a 48-year-old-ultra-virgin... I'm thinking... more training, smarter fueling, and Ridgecrest 50km in December! Again, thank you, Nancy and all of your staff.

Mike: (50) (1st 50K)The 50K last weekend was my first ultra. I wanted to let you know that I thought the race was very well organized. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. I loved the course. I thought the volunteers at the aid stations were fantastic!

Reggie (Course Sweeper): I was glad to help. My friends also had a fun time working the aid station. The course wasn't too bad. Picked up a few things here and there, but nothing more than what people probably accidentally dropped (and didn't even realize). Glad to hear everyone was okay in the end. Lucky, I think, as that was some of the nastiest heat I've ever run through. I'm glad I just had to do one loop!

Kathy (Course Sweeper): I was glad to help out. The course wasn't littered at all. There were only a few little things. That's great considering the amount of runners out there. I'm very glad to hear that everyone is ok and survived the intense heat.

Carrie: (25) Just a quick note... I thought that Bulldog was really well run. The volunteers were very caring and got us through this tough run. I can even say that I had a great time!

Bud: (50) MANY thanks for a great race - the second time up Bulldog hill was a real workout. Great race, course, marking, preparation, aid stations, and Really GREAT volunteers. And the chalk and ribbons were well placed – no problem staying on course. See you next year!

Susan: (25) Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the race! I had a great time!

Steve: (25) Just a quick email to say thanks a lot for your time and effort in organizing the Bulldog Run. It was my first time running long distance trails and this run has opened my eyes to a more testing form of running. Blown away by the 50K runner's!!

Martin: (50) (1st 50K)I wanted to thank you for all your love, prayers and support following my ordeal on the trail where I blacked out from heat exhaustion at about mile 27. I am so grateful to my fellow runners, the EMT who initially attended to me, the paramedics and hospital staff that were so quick to act and thoroughly stabilize me. I stayed 4 days in the hospital, the last two of which to offset rhabdomyolysis; a breakdown of muscle tissue proteins that could circulate into the blood system and clog the kidneys. This was treated by making sure I stayed ultra hydrated. My primary care physician feels my long term health is very positive but cautions that I need to follow through the next couple of weeks with massive amounts of liquids and rest before considering any intensive training. My passion for the trails has not changed after what happened, but it did open my eyes to certain precautions, warning signs and levels of training that make for a more experienced runner. I'm sure we will cross paths soon.

Tom: (25) The Bulldog was hot, nasty and dirty. In other words it lived up to its reputation as The Best! That goes for you too! (That is to say, 'The Best,' not 'hot, nasty, etc,') At 69, and going in with several injuries, I was pleased just to finish it with Jeanne, not that I ever had any doubts, you understand. Put us down for volunteer work (as well as doing the race) next year for sure. Thanks for helping make Jeanne's birthday memorable. Now that you got the trail marker situation fixed, could you do something about the heat? Just asking…

Gloria: (50) Just wanted to say thank you for another great race. The course was well-marked, and the organization and volunteers FABULOUS! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting together a wonderful event. I will definitely continue to support both Valley Crest and Bulldog.

Kirsten: (25) Thanks for the great race. It was definitely tough – just the way it should be! I know how much work they are, as I’ve helped co-direct the Malibu Creek Trail Challenge and volunteered for many races in the past. It is definitely a labor of love!

Jim: (50) Thank you for such a well organized race. I loved the day!

Tony: (25) Thanks for putting on an epic race. I've biked Bulldog several times and it was great to finally do it on my feet.

Jessica, Ryan, and Myriam: Just wanted to thank you for putting on such a wonderful and beautiful race!!! I did the 25K and it was the most physically challenging thing I have ever accomplished. But, it also was so inspiring!!! And gave me such an itch for more races... Your whole crew took wonderful care of us...It was an amazing experience!!! See you next year!!! Ryan says hello to Dennis and thanks him for running by his side...

Eric (50K) and Jo (25K): We, the Ridgecrest Brat Pack, enjoyed the challenging race course. At the start of the second loop I echo the phrase… "Thank you, may I have another?" We from the desert say a hearty BULL YAW SUN!! Bring it on! The most enjoyable parts of the day were the aid station personnel. They were the greatest! I want to extend a thanks and a job well done to the aid station folks who anticipated our every need and then some. They treated us like royalty. I was disappointed that no one messed with the course markings to make the adventure more of a challenge. See you all next year.

Neil: (25) I just wanted to express my thanks for the fun event you hosted on Saturday. It was my longest race and first time off-road race and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. From the camaraderie on the trails to the extreme helpfulness of all the volunteers who helped make the run survivable with their timely water top-offs! I'll definitely be looking out for next year’s event after this highly enjoyable experience!

Tito: (25) Thank you for putting together a great race. Yes, the conditions were tough, but your volunteers did everything in their power to ensure that we were all given the very best opportunity to complete the challenge. I'd especially like to pass along kudos to the angel at the last aid station (before the stream) who not only thoughtfully removed my running cap and dunked it in ice water and poured cold water down my back, but also sponged my face. I have never felt so pampered in a race in my entire life -- and the kindness and generosity couldn't have come at a better time.

Jessica: (25) My first time running the Bull Dog 25K and it was amazing. The course was challenging, fun and beautiful. The folks at the aid stations were so kind and helpful- taping the leak in my water bottle, cooling my neck with a wet sponge and cheering us on. The camaraderie between the runners was wonderful, I felt we all had a special bond. I hope all the 25 and 50Kers stayed cool, healthy and recover quickly. Thank you and see you next year!

Mike: (25) Sunday was my first experience with a trail race and I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and attentive the staff was. Please allow me to extend my thanks to each one of you.

Laura: (50) (1st 50K) I want to say thank-you bunches for putting on such a well-run race with the nicest volunteers ever--they were very welcome sights to this tired and overheated ultra newbie. I made friends with a fellow racer on the course yesterday but she disappeared from the finish area before I could get her email address or a way to get in touch with her later. Her name was Shandra, I think her number was 100. Can you help, maybe send her my email? Thanks again for everything--I hope to see you next year!

Don: (50) Great race! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it such a great day and for your obvious organizational zeal!

T.J.: (50) (1st 50K) Please accept my compliments on a race well done. The volunteers at the water stations were really THE BEST! They took great care of us and were completely willing to do whatever they could to make things better for all of us runners. I felt very well taken care of. This was my first race of this type (trail and distance) and it was really awesome! Hardest thing I've done, but awesome. I also love the medal!

Jason: (50) (1st 50K) I know I told you there after the race, but I have to say it again- thank you so much. I can’t even imagine how much hard work went in to organizing this event and it showed in every aspect of the race. Each aide station was stocked with more food, drink, and remedies than I could have imagined. But even better than the foodstuffs at each station, were the volunteers. Each and every one could not have been more amazing. It was obvious that they all genuinely wanted me and every single other runner to do the best they could there- and they were going to make sure of it. From the encouraging words to the willingness to do anything for each runner whether it be refilling their bottles, sponging down their face and neck, or just offering a few words that served as fuel to get to the next stop- they were INCREDIBLE. While they weren’t running the race, they still toughed it out in the blazing sun in the middle of the mountains just to help us out and I could not be more grateful. I really need to extend an extra bit of thanks to all the people who helped me when I had some real problems at mile 26. All the people who stopped and helped me- which was everyone that went by- really showed me the kind of camaraderie that these events create. I was hoping you could help me thank a few people in particular that helped me out when I really fell apart. At about mile 26 I completely collapsed from dehydration (among other things). I was first helped by a woman running the 25K, then by another runner who was doing the 50K. I believe his name was Kevin (the guy who’s hat I had afterwards, the other girl whom I was speaking with at the finish line knew who he was--the girl who you trained for a 50 miler), he stopped running and stayed with me all the way to the end. Do you think you could give me his email and/or mailing address so I could personally thank him? I also was hoping you could give me the information for the EMT that trekked all the way from the last aide station up to help me,the volunteer who came up to help me (he’s an ultramarathonner, he was wearing a Badwater shirt and he was Kevin’s friend), and a runner who had a buzz cut and American flag running shorts. And last, but certainly not least I have to thank all those at the last aide station who helped give me that last bit of energy I needed to finish the race. They toweled me down, gave me fluids, and made sure I wasn’t being stubborn and that I actually could finish when I said I wanted to. And finally (I promise, last one), I was hoping you could give me the email and/or mailing address to a friend I made prior to the race while training, but was in the 50K and stopped to help me out. His first name is Jerry and I believe he’s even in the New Basin Blues (a new member) he lives in the same area where the Valley Crest race was held. I know I’m asking the world of you and you’ve certainly gave it to me on Saturday, I just need to get in touch with these people and thank them for enabling me to get through the hardest and most rewarding event of my life. I’m gonna get myself back to 100% and start training for the next race… any other 50K’s you recommend?

Kurt: (50) I just wanted to send you a note to say that this was the first year I ran your race, after a few years of running Ultras. I really enjoyed it, and the aid stations and all volunteers were great. The ones at mile 13 really stand out. Again, Thanks for a great race, and I'll see you again next year!


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