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2006 BullDog Race Comments

Vineer: Thanks for organizing such a great event! Your volunteers were simply the best - combine that with the spectacular vistas and you've got an incredible day out running. I was #404 - I tripped and fell on the rocks around mile 3. A couple people stopped to help me, and I decided to continue at least to the mid point (25K). Turns out my ankle swelled up and I clearly had a serious bruise. At the mid-point I decided to see how far I could go. I did not want to take my shoes off after the creek because I was pretty sure I would not want to see what I saw. In any case, I hobbled up for the second round (uphills were relatively easy), and then limped back downhill, which were hard. I think I finished in 71/2 hours (my target time was a little over 5 and that's what I train for) and the EMT helped me get some ice and elevation. Anyway, last night the foot swelled up and I went to get an x-ray and found that I had been running with a fracture! Keeping my shoes on was a good idea since it kept everything in place for the duration of the run. Amazing how running endorphins can counter the pain. It was a race against myself and my pain. I am glad I finished it - I probably wouldn't have if the people at the race were less friendly. Come to think of it, I probably would not run with a bruised foot again anyway. I like my medal... I can remember my first Bulldog 50K as the race where endorphins won out! Thanks again to your volunteers and you.

Michelle: Thank you so much for the most awesome race ever! Everyone was fabulous!! You did such a good job putting together a wonderful event!! I loved it!

Xy: I’m sending a big dirty thank you to you and all your awesome volunteers. Had a wonderful time, as usual. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to promote my gaiters. Your events always get the gaiters movin'. Thank you also for using my crazy graphic on the shirt. That was such a fun surprise! Have a hot and dirty recovery from all the wonderful work you did!

Paul: Thanks for everything. I had a good time -- albeit with a bad time. I haven't figured out how you managed to make the climbs more numerous and higher and the descents less frequent and shorter on the second loop. Oh well, it gave me more time to enjoy the beautiful views after the morning fog, or whatever, had been burned (well, scorched) off.

Rich: Thanks for returning my drop bag and thanks for a GREAT race. It was my first ultra and I had the best time of my life.

Kevin Rambo: I just wanted to say thank you very much for a great event. This was my first trail running event and I am surely hooked. I will be back next year. I was impressed by the entire event on every level. The volunteers were absolutely top notch. Even the participants were great. This is the friendliest group of runners I have ever encountered even to a back of the packer like myself. See you next year!

Chrisopher: I just want to thanks to Nancy and all of the great folks who helped with the Bulldog. Last year was going to be my first ultra but due to family crisis I was unable to begin ultras last year. This year I was determined again, the Bulldog would be my first. Thanks everyone for making it such a great experience. I loved it and will be back for more.

Michael (age 16): I just wanted to thank you guys personally for letting me run your BullDog 50K race. I never knew I even had a shot at placing because I peeked at the results from last year and said WOW amazing times!! The aid station people and all the volunteers at the race were very kind and helpful to the runners. This is a very well organized race with great bunch of people you might only meet once in your lifetime. I hope to make it out again next year if you guys will let me run it again.

John: Had a great time at this years Bulldog 50K! Very, very well marked course, great aid stations and wonderful, friendly volunteers to service you. Nice seeing you again and thank you for your hard work and making Bulldog such a great classic 25K and 50K to run and enjoy! Congratulations to all the finishers! The cooler weather was a treat compared to last year’s “mini Badwater” run! “ Bulldog is pure Southern Californian Trail running at it’s best”!

Danny: Thanks to all that made this years Bulldog 50K such a great experience. Nancy always puts on a first rate race and all the volunteers can’t be beat, including Nancy ’s energetic husband, Larry, who works tireless behind the scenes. I always look forward to this beautiful scenic race and will be back once again next year, heat or not.

Robert: A quick thanks for the great race. The Bulldog took a bite out of me, but the great support staff and great snacks made it a truly enjoyable, memorable day. My gratitude extends to all of your hardworking volunteers as well. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

Jerry: Thank you for putting on a premier event. Everything was top notch.

Russ: I had a blast running the 25K this year. Everything is so well organized at the Bulldog, thanks to you! I've had fun both years I've run it (and I cut 30-min off my time from last year!)

Alicia: While my quads are still sore, I just wanted to say thank you to the R.D. and all the race volunteers for the Bulldog runs. It was my first trail race (25K), and I thought everybody was so well organized and friendly. Big thumbs up to the guys who squeezed sponges on us at the aid stations. Since I'm not familiar with that area, one of my fellow runners was nice enough to give me tips about the course before and during the race so I wouldn't burn myself out. Talk about camaraderie! While running, I told myself I would never do this again, but now I'm already thinking about beating 3-hours next year. Great work!

Matt: Once again I had a good time and thought that the race was well run, please pass on thanks from me to the volunteers that you see. I know it is a lot of work for them plus giving up most of a Saturday where they could be doing things that are more fun.

Robbi: Thank you, Nancy, for a lovely day out. We were able to get a campsite and enjoyed the whole experience (other than the first 7- mile climb). Appreciate your support and energy in putting together a nice race.

Marla: This was my first trail race. I'll be back for more… I had a great time. Your volunteers were wonderful throughout the race and afterwards. Thank you again for a great race!

Karen: I just wanted to thank you for putting on such an enjoyable race! It was my first time and the course was lovely, aid stations were perfect, and the volunteers were the best! Now I'm going to have to keep training so I can some back next year! Thanks all!

Elizabeth: I participated in the 25K race this weekend and want to thank you all for making this race happen. Thanks for putting this race together and thanks to all the volunteers for being out there encouraging us!!! THANKS!!!

Daniel: I ran the 25K race on Saturday and loved it! I’ll be back next year.

Erik: I wanted to thank you for an incredible Saturday. The Bulldog 50K was a true test of my strength and endurance. It was my first ultra marathon and I will never forget the experience. Everyone did a great job in caring for us runners at base camp and the aid stations. I realize the distance is actually 31- miles but my Garmin said 31.5, which I actually thought was more accurate for me being on the course. I hope that's OK!! Again, thank you for making Saturday and awesome day. I look forward to doing my next Bulldog run with you all.

Ben: Thank you again for putting together this year's Bulldog Races. Mother Nature was friendlier this time. It was hot but bearable. The volunteers once again played a very important role for the runners. Thanks to them too. The cold water sponge was extremely helpful. This year was my best Bulldog finish.


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