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2007 BullDog Race Comments

Cherryl: (25) I just wanted to thank everyone for putting on such a great race. This was my first year doing this race - and I will be coming back for sure (maybe next time trying the 50K!). This race was so well run, so organized, had WONDERFUL volunteers from the start, at the finish, in the food area, and at all the aid stations along the course. Not only were the volunteers SO, SO helpful, they were always cheering and encouraging everyone going by. Finally, I wanted to thank you for marking the course so well!! I was a little intimidated doing my first trail race for fear of getting lost, but the pink arrows and the pink ribbons made it so easy to know where to go. Thank you again for putting on such a great event. I had a great day!

Jon: (25) Please pass on my sincere appreciation to your race director and all the volunteers. This was my first Bulldog, and although the course was a humbling experience, I had a blast. Kudos to all your volunteers, many who probably drove great distances starting at O'dark thirty, to donate a full Saturday of their time.

Chuck: (25) It was another great one: efficient, friendly, course very well marked, great shirts. You assembled quite a team - keep up the good work!

Cara: (50) Really great (and hard!) race! The organization and the volunteers were fantastic. The location of the aid stations were perfect - it seemed that they were always right where I needed them most. Plus, the volunteers did a great job spreading out along the course and giving us great support. I signed up for the 50k and only ran the 25k, but will definitely be back next year to see if I can conquer that mountain twice! Thanks for the time/effort everyone put into this event as it was very much appreciated.

Donn: (50) Had a great time doing the 50K. Kudos to the people who marked the course. They did a great job! I didn't get lost once. The weather was quite comfortable for most of the race. The aid station volunteers were fantastic! You couldn't ask for a better group of people. Good post race food and drinks also. Thanks for a very enjoyable race.

Adrian: (50) Nancy I just wanted to thank you for putting on this race, my first ultra. I'm sure setting up this race harder then we, the runners, realize. So I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in. I also wanted to thank you and all the Ultraladies for the training runs you arranged. Everyone was not only nice but also very helpful with information about ultra running and trail running in general. And a very special thanks to all the volunteers at the race. Their friendly faces and words of encouragement really helped me keep going. And I am sure all the other runners feel the same. No criticism to offer, it is a small race and the informality add to the atmosphere of a nice close community. I hope to see everyone next year, by which time I'm sure I would have recovered- ice bath here I come!

Gil: (25) Great support: The only other time I ran this route during a race was organized by another club a few years ago and the aid stations ran out of water. The stations for Bulldog were well placed and well stocked. The advice on bringing fluids was helpful, brought 48 oz in my CamelBak and used it all and then was glad for the Gatorade at the end. The markings were great, especially the lines and the x's to tell us where not to go. Thank you so much.

Chris: (50) Thank you so much for a wonderful race. Yesterday's Bulldog 50K was my first 50K and what a challenge it was!! That long ascent seemed never ending and after a while the down hills started to hurt as much as the up hills. It would have been much, much more difficult without your wonderful volunteers at the aid stations. You can take great pride in the great work they did!! They were so helpful, supportive, and encouraging! One example of this was when I came into the final aid station around mile 28, one volunteer refilled my water bottles, another used an ice water soaked sponge to wet my head, and another iced my legs. I was rather delirious and exhausted by that point of the run, and I gratefully thanked them all as I left the aid station, heading for the finish. Looking forward to Bulldog 2008!!

Debi: (25) I wouldn't have thought I'd have the chance to thank the volunteers post-race so I'm happy to communicate my appreciation. They were all welcoming and thoughtful. One woman at mile 13 thought I looked drained and walked over with some orange wedges. I noticed another massaging the calves of a runner who clearly needed it. It was all very nice and added to how special the run felt. In fact I found the runners more accessible than during most races. I had a great time as a first timer on the 25K course. Loved the aid station people. Very helpful, friendly, encouraging. What a terrific course! Might still have thought that even with heat. It was just too pretty out there. Coolness certainly made it nicer, but I will be back next year.

Dan: (25) Great race and the volunteers did a great job. It was a fun event and all the volunteers were supportive.

Carlos: (26) I've been running for over 15 years but have never run a trail race before. I must say that it is such a noticeable difference how much friendlier everyone was--from the volunteers to all the athletes present. Thank you for putting a great event together. Thank you for the great prizes and awards for the overall winners and the age group leaders. I look forward to running this trail race next year again. P.S.--The Watermelon was great!

Michelle: (25) Thanks for a great race! I volunteered last year and ran the 25K this year. I had such a great time! The volunteers were great and the course was very well marked. I look forward to running next year in the 50K!

Kathy: (50) To everyone involved with the Bulldog 25/50: Thanks so much for a great experience. This was my first 50K trail run. It was challenging, yet very rewarding. The volunteers at all the aid stations were wonderful. They treated me like I was a top runner.... getting my bottle refilled, cooling me down with water, and giving me positive words of motivation as I continued on with my run.

Bill: (50) It was a great race. Thank you so much for letting me switch to the 50k. I always like the climb to the top of Bulldog Mountain. I plan to be back next year.

Betty: (25) The volunteers were FABULOUS!! I'm a bit of a novice at trail runs but used to marathons, so was a bit apprehensive about the support stations. Much to my delight, the stations were well manned and volunteers couldn't have been better. I appreciate the food goodies, but especially appreciate getting my bottles filled and the sponge baths. I know that it must have been a long day and I want you all to know it was very much appreciated! I also want to thank Nancy for a great job of organizing. The only problem I encountered was that megaphone - you need a better one because we couldn't hear anything. Otherwise, everything was great including the weather!

Vic: (25) Nancy...the Bulldog 25K yesterday was my first trail race but will not be my last---I look forward to next year's Valley Crest 1/2 Marathon and Bulldog 25K ...the race was an inspiring and challenging event managed terrifically by all of the people involved----the volunteers at the aid stations were daughter-in-law (visiting us w/ the family from Reno) and I had a great run in a beautiful location...thank you all for making it a Memorable experience.

Lora: (50) Hey, Nancy, great race! It seemed to run more smoothly than in years past. The course was exceptionally well marked which helped us lame people find our way. The shirt design was also pretty cool. This was my daughterís first running race (what a way to start!) and she had a blast. She can barely walk today, but is smiling nonetheless. Thanks for all your hard work.

Carol: (25) Thanks for the great weather this year, Nancy! It was a terrific event. Thanks for all your hard work!

Marcia: (50) First of all, a HUGE thanks to the person/people who found my car key on the trail and turned it in! John and I enjoyed the Bulldog 50K for the SECOND time. Wonderfully challenging course in a beautiful settingóit doesnít get much better than this. But the thing that made us want to come back this year was that the race is so well organized and friendly. The volunteers were terrific. And I donít think Iíve been to a race anywhere that feeds the runners so well after the race. As a back-of-the-pack runner, at many races I find that the food has been picked overóor is totally goneóby the time I finish. At Bulldog, there always seems to be plenty of watermelon and pizza, served up by cheerful, smiling volunteers. You really do a great job! Thanks for making Bulldog a race thatís fun to run, year after year.

Mike: (25) It was my 1st. trail race. I was marked very well, thank goodness for volunteers. See you next year

Kathy: (50) I had so much fun. Your aid stations and their people were PERFECT. Iím glad I was late to enter and was forced to enter the 50k. It was WAY fun. Thank you, and your people, so much, for a great day yesterday.

Lynne: (25) Thanks for a wonderful day and a well-planned event. Volunteers were great...please let them know how nice it was to have encouraging faces and helpful hands along the way.

Amy: (25) Thanks for another great race production. I really do not know how you do it. The volunteers were wonderful: cheering, offering refreshments and directions. The course was so well marked even I did not get off course. Mother Nature even came through with great weather conditions. I look forward to next year.

Dan: (25) Thanks for the great run/walk!! Yup, the volunteers were great, especially the young lady that sprayed me down at the 2nd aid station, and it couldn't get any better!! The race was well organized, full of pleasant volunteers, good grub at the finish... the only complaint I have is a common one, I shoulda been better prepared. Weather was great. Big thank you to all.

Mark: The race was a good one! The volunteers were great. The stations were well stocked and the volunteers were right on the spot with water. Thank you for doing an especially good job of trail marking! You'd have to be blind to get lost this time! Next time I'll bring a chair and umbrella cuz there was not much escape from the hot sun at the finish area. Luckily the weather was cool for the race though. Good shirt design and neat medal.

Troy: (25) Thanks for arranging such perfect weather for us! This was an awesome experience for me. After originally signing up for the 50K race, I had to switch to the 25K due to an injury, but I wouldn't have missed this for the world. The volunteers were awesome! I would like to say thanks to all of them, especially for the gentleman that helped me out at the final aid station, I am sorry I didn't get his name. I was tired and not feeling well and he brought me salt and everything I needed to help me feel better. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this race for anyone who is interested in running it!

Lorraine: (50) Great job! It's been years since I've run Bulldog and it's nice to see the tradition lives on. You put on a first-class event!! Thanks for all your hard work. I know all the runners really appreciate it.

Jorge: (50) Just want to thank everyone for a great time on Saturday. Look forward to next year. Thank you very much.

Phil: (50) To all volunteers you did a great job, thank you! You made the 50K an enjoyable run. Keep doing what your doing.

Lisa: (50) Thank you so much for making my first ultra a fantastic one! The course was very hard, but the volunteers and other racers made up for it. The scenery and course were gorgeous. Also, thanks for helping me get my t-shirt, goodie bag and my jacket after the race, you are the best!

Alex: (50) Thank you for truly an amazing experience, I would certainly be back next year. The course had grueling climbs that can humble any runner. Several times through out the course, I remember praying to the running gods for the pain to just go away. Eventually it did, and here I am having run my 1st 50k under my belt. I would like to apologize to those volunteers in the last water aid station, it was very crowded with 25k runners talking to each other while drinking some water. I ran by rather quickly and cranky in hopes to just finish soon. I ended up skipping the water station, but not before a few comments exchanged. Sorry. It was a little crowded on the last single trail climb. I would like to send a special thank you for the volunteers at the bag drop area. WOW! you guys were great. I had to switch socks mid way through the race and one volunteer really helped me get through it. Thank you so much. In all, it was a special event. All volunteers were needed and were nothing short of amazing. See you guys next year.

Steve: (25) Thanks for a great day and race. The support volunteers couldn't do enough for the racers and a special thanks to the New Basin Blues who helped me through the race with their support at each station.

Ben: (50) Thank you all volunteers for a fantastic race! This was my first ultra and it really helped to have you there to keep me going when I didn't think I could take another step. Your fully stocked aid stations along with your smiles and encouragement made all the difference and enabled me to say, I finished the Bulldog! Thank you for making it all possible!

Pamela: (25) Great race, great course, GREAT volunteers! Thanks!

Larry: (25) Thanks for a wonderful race. Besides the great weather, you did an excellent job with trail marking and spirit. My time was a little slower than last year -- not sure whether it was less training or just age catching up. Nonetheless, I'm very glad to have run it.

Kirsten: (0) Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to help out at BD this had a lot of happy (and exhausted!!) faces coming across that finish line. If there's anything I can be of assistance with in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me. All the best.

Paul: (50) I ran the 50k event this past Saturday. I briefly introduced myself and thanked you for a fantastic job organizing this event. Here is another thank you for posterity's sake! Thank you so much for a facilitating my first 50k. The experience was very smooth and the good weather made it incredibly invigorating. The volunteers were terrific, and the aid stations were well stocked (those orange slices came in particularly handy when my body started rejecting the Clif gels I was feeding it!) The ice sponge dousing I received on the second pass up the Bulldog will be one of the more memorable sensations I will associate with the experience. I think that one act powered me for the rest of the day! The course was well marked and beautiful. I plan on coming back many times in the future, as long as health and schedule permit.

Ann: Excellent race; fabulous volunteers; beautiful day. Ran it with 6 of my co-805 bootcampers....we will make it a yearly event. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

Larry: (25) Thanks for a wonderful race. Besides the great weather, you did an excellent job with trail marking and spirit. My time was a little slower than last year -- not sure whether it was less training or just age catching up. Nonetheless, I'm very glad to have run it.

Joanne: (25) Nancy, thank you for doing such a fantastic job with this weekends BullDog race and all the running events you help sponsor for great causes. Also thank you for ordering a great day from Mother Nature. The people were great, the volunteers awesome, the racecourse well marked, challenging, and divine. The post race snacks were perfect. Overall a first class well organized race. It was my first Bull Dog race and I am still on a high. I am looking forward to next year. Warm regards, Bull Dog finisher.

Will: (50) Thanks for a great event. The BullDog was my first ultra. I enjoyed the entire experience. Everyone involved in the race was helpful, friendly and welcoming. I wasn't quite sure what I would experience, but now I know why ultra are so different from road marathons. It was quite a learning experience. I think I may be hooked. Thanks for everything. I hope to see you at next year's BullDog 50K.

Robert: (25) Nancy and team - I was crunching out the last few grueling steps of the Bulldog climb to the rock towers when I passed a young lady who looked to be in awe of what she had gotten herself into. I asked, How are you doing? Smiling, she replied, Doing great. I'm from Minnesota and we don't have stuff like this there. I saw her later at the finish line. She was still smiling. It dawned on me that people came from all over the country to be here for this event and made me realize how blessed we are to have the challenging trails of the Santa Monica mountains in our backyard and such a quality event to look forward to. This was my second Bulldog 25K. It was my best race experience ever, not because of my pace or time, but because of the people and the place. I can't thank you and the volunteers enough for a perfect day (especially my new friend with the water sprayer at aid station 2). When can I sign up for next year's race?

Will: (50) Thanks for a great event. The Bulldog was my first ultra. I enjoyed the entire experience. Everyone involved in the race was helpful, friendly and welcoming. I wasn't quite sure what I would experience, but now I know why ultras are so different from road marathons. It was quite a learning experience. I think I may be hooked. Thanks for everything. I hope to see you at next year's Bulldog 50K.

Kathleen: (50) Bulldog was my first ultra marathon and I had a blast. Thank you for putting on such a good race. The volunteers were great. I have to say the ice was awesome. It got me through the race. Because I had such a good race I am planning my next 50k. Thanks so much to you and your crew!

Deborah: (25) I just wanted to drop a quick line letting you know that I had an ABSOLUTE blast at the Bulldog race!!!!! This was my first trail race, as I typically do road marathons and triathlons. I have to say that trail runners are a different breed. When I got out of the car, I noticed my 'road' running legs and soon realized that I was in the presence of serious runners - talk about 'trail' legs! I loved the casual atmosphere compared to road races where you are corralled into different waves and everything is so loud, your stomach in knots, then the count down, then the GUN!!!!! This race was so niceÖ"Race starts in 2 minutes"Ö someone chimes. 5 minutes later...."okayÖ start your watches, let's go." The aid stations where awesome! I loved the licorice, hot tamales, and M&M's - it all hit the spot. The volunteers where so great! I took LOADS of pictures; which would explain my time;) I just couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. I definitely will be back along with some volunteers (my support group had a great time and said they'd definitely come and volunteer next time I come out). So thank you for a truly memorable experience!!!

Nancy: (50) I wanted to write to say the race was the most organized event I've ever attended. Every last detail was planned and the communication was phenomenal from the moment I registered to the day of the race. I thought the misters were a great idea and I loved the food at the aid stations. The crackers with peanut butter were awesome! And having ice and jugs of water to fill my camelbak was so helpful. All of the volunteers were extremely helpful and so accommodating, and it really made a world of difference. This was truly the most incredible race experience I've ever had, and I hope to participate again next year.

Will: (50) Thanks to everyone involved in putting on the 50K. I really enjoyed this race. It was my first ultra and an amazing experience. Everyone--the RD, the volunteers working the stations, those at the finish and my fellow runners--were great. I found the course difficult, and it took everything I had to finish. I will never forget it. I look forward to next year. I have never met a group of people so willing to make a newcomer feel comfortable and welcome. I think I am falling in love with type of racing. Instead of 16,000 people at the starting line of a marathon, it is a few hundred. What an intimate affair. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Todd: (25) I just wanted to give you my feedback. Not only was this my first Bulldog (25K), it was also my first trail race and my first event longer than a 10k. What an awesome experience! The volunteers were absolutely the best. At the last station I had stopped to drink out of the paper cups and one gentleman there actually took my bottle and filled it with water for me so I was all set to go when I finished drinking. That was so helpful and I've never had a volunteer offer to do that before. The course was tough and challenging, but the views were spectacular and this was easily the funnest event I've ever ran in. Thank you so much for putting on this race and thanks especially to all the volunteers who were out there to support us! I am SO coming back next year!

Andre: (25) Thank you for another brilliant race event! The aid stations were everything I could have hoped for and please do pass on my appreciation for the personal care and assistance from the volunteers.

Chris: This was my first ultra and it was fantastic! Thanks for making the weather cool (LOL!) I was very nervous about the heat and hills but the support crew, organization, and other runners were great. I started cramping at mile 12 but I was able to finish because I got some salt tablets from another runner. The volunteers at the support stations were ready for all the runners and willing to help in any way possible. The course was clearly marked and talking with the other runners during the run was great. Next time, Iíll have to train for this race! Thanks for a great race.

Tracy: As a former event promoter (trade shows) I know how much work goes into planning these things and I just want to congratulate you on a job well done. I did both Valley Crest and Bulldog this year and enjoyed them both immensely. Thanks also to all of the wonderful volunteers. Seeing their smiling faces throughout the race really makes a HUGE difference. Thanks again and I look forward to joining you for more trail runs next year.

Susie: (25) It was so nice meeting you at the end of the race. This was my first year and I was so impressed with the effort put into your event. The support crew was awesome and the views from the course were unreal. Thanks for the great memorie

Steve: (25) This was my first Bulldog event and I really enjoyed the challenge. The course was rough at some points and the scenery was excellent. The folks running the trail that I met along the way were fantastic and I would like to return next year and attempt the 50K. I ran w/an experienced Bulldog runner and he said that we lucked out w/the weather. He said that his last two Bulldogs the heat was unforgiving. Thanks to the folks that set this race up and special thanks to all the volunteers for their great support. Everybody did an outstanding job!!!!!

No Name: I would like to commend you on your work as race director in previous trail runs. You inspire me and I can tell that you have a true love for the sport of trail running and I especially enjoy how you manage to keep the mob of runners under control with your funny comments and humor. I've run your races and I have enjoyed listening to you on the bullhorn even when things didnít quite go as expected. I know you are looking out for everyoneís welfare and you are appreciated.

Philip: (50) I enjoyed the race very much! It was well organized, the course was challenging, the weather was beautiful and the volunteers and race officials were helpful and friendly. I am definitely considering doing this race again and I would recommend it to others. Thank you!


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