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2003 BullDog Race Report

by Ingrid Shattuck, R.D.


No records broken this year on the 50K - except for the number of times runners said, "Damn, it's hot!"

The unstoppable Jorge Pacheco was crowned King of the 50K again! Jorge has a very impressive record here - the six-time participant has won this race three times in a row - the only person to accomplish this. He also holds the course record of 3:54:56.

First female Michelle Barton was smoking! She came in 10th overall and held her own with the BEST.

Peter Park, second place finisher, gave Jorge a run for his money. Watching this guy run is the perfect picture of sheer determination and guts.

Let's not forget the always inspirational Jussi Hamalainen, 57 years old. Mr. "Just Do It" has run this race 9 times out of 12, with three 1st places, two 2nds and never out of the top eight!

Oldest female was 57 years old and 3rd overall female. Great run, Patty Giebel, very inspirational!
50K Stats

* 113 starters
* 99 finishers -88%
* 69 Male runners - 70%
* 30 Female runners - 30%
* Oldest runner - 64 years
* Youngest runner - 20 years
* Average age - 43 years
* Average age top ten - 38 years
* Medium running time - 6:44 (pace per mile - 13:06)
* 1st place Male average pace - 8:06/mile
* 1st place Female average pace - 10:21/mile

A standardized 50K is 31.068 miles. Bulldog 50K is 30.75 miles.

First timer to the Bulldog - Dale Reicheneder - set a blistering pace and led the race from start to finish. GREAT JOB, Dale!

Perkins does it again! Chrystee broke her own 2002 course record by 22 seconds with a time of 2:37:40. Back-to-Back first place and course records - Wow!

For the first time in the 5-year history of the 30K, we had 3 ladies in the top ten: Chrystee Perkins, Marie Herman and Kathy Smith. Mariann Thomas just missed the top ten finish, but held claim to 11th place. Mariann won 1st place in 2001, but set a new PR this year - The ladies competition was sizzling this year!

Eric Kobrine, improved his PR by 10 minutes and moved from 10th place in 2002 to second this year. Fantastic!

Loren Leonard, 74, was the oldest male runner. He has been a faithful and consistent participant since 1992. Between 1992 and 1998, Loren ran the 50K runs and ran them well! In 1999, at age 69, he switched to the 30K. This year, at age 74, he turned in a time of 4:34:12, four minutes faster and jumped up 29 places from last year's race. In fact, he has improved his time each of the past four years. With a record like this, who amongst us could deny that "Sir Loren Leonard" is the King and our Ultra Inspiration.
30K Stats

* 162 Starters
* 152 Finishers - 94%
* 81 Male runners - 53%
* 71 Female runners - 47%
* Oldest runner - 74 years
* Youngest runner - 21 years
* Average age - 44 years
* Average age top ten - 36 years
* Medium running time - 4:07 (12:42/mile)
* 1st place Male average pace - 7:30/mile
* 1st place Female average pace - 8:06/mile

A standardized 30K is 18.64 miles. Bulldog 30K is 19.5 miles.
A Note from Ingrid...

Dear Runners,

This was the hottest day in Bulldog history. You all came through it with flying colors - well, some of you looked a little wilted at the finish! But I'm sure you have recovered by now and are dreaming contently about the great run you had in our Santa Monica Mountains.

For me, it's time to say good-bye to you all. After 25 years of putting on events, I'm retiring.

I had a wonderful time organizing the "Bulldog" in particular. Your cheerfulness, determination and gratitude warmed my heart.

I leave you in the very capable hands of Nancy Shura, experienced Ultrarunner and guiding light of the Ultraladies. She and her co-RD Larry Dervin will do a great job in continuing the race and Ultraladies have supported this race for many years and I'm forever grateful to them.

Happy trails,



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