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2005 BullDog Race Report

Hot, hot, hotů

by Nancy Shura, R.D.

Following a cooling trend in early August, temps fired up on race day, topping at 106 degrees!

* Jorge Pacheco once again proved himself to be the Lance Armstrong of the Bulldog 50K, with a winning time of 3:59:13. He is just unbeatable on this course!
* Triathelete JulieAnne White remains the female champion for two consecutive years.
* Up-and-coming 21-year-old Sal Bautista won the 25K. Sal set the new course record at the 2005 Valley Crest Half Marathon in June.
* Masters runner Marie Hermann beat the other ladies by over 10-minutes in the 25K event.

The Bulldog team of volunteers, aid station workers and EMTs helped keep the runners cool, hydrated and moving forward. Dozens of runners commended the aid station workers as the very best ever seen in an ultra! Several runners were heroes by attending to their fellow runners, staying with them and leading them safely into aid stations where they were attended by EMTs. Two of our runners were hospitalized for several days and are fortunately making good recoveries. I am sure we had a record number of drops; runners were noted by aid station personnel to be tearing off their own bib tags before entering the aid stations.

Without the team of wonderful volunteers who rose to many occasions, spending hours themselves under the blistering sun, the runners would not have fared as well as they did. I speak for myself, Larry and all the runners by saying "Thank you volunteers for making for a safe and successful Bulldog Run!"

Race photos are posted:

Thanks to everyone who supported the Bulldog Races!

Hope you'll all join us next year!


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