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2008 BullDog Race Report

by Nancy Shura, R.D.

For the third consecutive year, the Bulldog Runs have enjoyed morning fog and pleasant temperatures. A cool breeze blew through Malibu Canyon to keep it from heating up too much for the runners.

The 2008 Bulldog Runs were dedicated to a beloved person in our running community, Craig "Moose" Chambers (1949-2008). He took a lot of love with him.

The overall male and female course records for both races will stand for at least another year. It was Masters Day at the 50K as the male and female overall winners this year also won the Masters Divisions. Forty-five-year-old Jose Ortiz cruised in at 3:58:05 to win the men's race. The top three women were all in their 40s with Bree Lambert from San Jose running 4:57:45 to edge out local runner Diana Rush.

Here are your top three 50K male runners:

1. Jose Ortiz (45) 3:58:05
2. Nick Pedatella (23) 4:03:08
3. Dean Dobberteen (33) 4:16:20

And your top three 50K female runners:

1. Bree Lambert (40) 4:57:45
2. Diana Rush (48) 5:00:43
3. Kathy Desmond (41) 5:24:09

The RRCA 50K Regional Champions are:

* RRCA Open Male - Jose Ortiz (45) 3:58:05
* RRCA Open Female - Bree Lambert (40) 4:57:45
* RRCA Master Male - Jose Ortiz (45) 3:58:05
* RRCA Master Female - Bree Lambert (40) 4:57:45
* RRCA Grand Master Male - Eric Clifton (50) 4:45:15
* RRCA Grand Master Female - Lorraine Gersitz (54) 5:55:11

Four 50K runners set impressive age division records:

* Kimberly Hunter brought the F18-29 division time down from 5:34:02 to 5:28:02.
* Overall male winner, Jose Ortiz knocked 10-minutes off the M40-49 CR.
* Lorraine Gersitz improved her own F50/59 record by nine minutes.
* 70-year-old Sail Hong knocked more than 30-minutes off the previous AD record.

The 2008 25K overall male champion is 22 year-old Josh Cross, from St. Augustine, FL. The top three 25Kers were able to hold their positions on the course despite being led off course by a vandal, who pulled ribbons, 2004 Valley Crest Half Marathon Women's Champion Anissa Seguin led the ladies with her 2:07:26 winning time in the 25K. Anissa had a commanding lead over the other ladies, admitting that she played with the idea of hitting a new course record but came up just a little short.

Here are your top three 25K male runners:

1. Josh Cross (22) 1:58:20
2. Chris Bohle (24) 2:00:11
3. Jesse Barragan (30) 2:02:41

Here are your top three 25K female runners:

1. Anissa Seguin (36) 2:07:26
2. Laura Conley (26) 2:14:28
3. Allison Bogie (32) 2:18:45

The 25K runners continue to chip away at the age division records as follows (old age division record in parentheses):

* F18-29 - Laura Conley - 2:14:28 (2:25:22)
* F30-39 - Anissa Seguin - 2:07:26 (2:21:55)
* M50-59 - Ron Paquette - 2:05:00 (2:05:10)
* F50-59 - Susan Kielsmeier - 2:27:54 (2:45:30)

As usual, we had a course vandal and some bandits and some actual thieves (aka those who steal entries). Our course vandal pulled ribbons, complaining of our littering the course, and then proceeded to throw all the ribbons on the ground. Although Park Law Enforcement tried to catch him, he escaped into Malibu Lake. Some of you might recall that at the 2008 VCHM, we had a female runner who impostered another runner, and succeeded in stealing a duplicate bib as well as a prize package. Well, this kind of thing continues. At Bulldog, we had two females who ran with old used bibs that were numerically way out of sequence and were missing the pull tags. I confronted both women and showed them a spreadsheet documenting that the 25K number sequence was 1 - 361. Predictably, they wouldn't fess up. Seems that cheating and immorality has indeed spread to the world of trail running.

As always, our stellar volunteers continue to outshine any vandals or cheaters. The aid stations at Bulldog Lateral, Corral Canyon, Tapia Park and Malibu Creek were expertly operated. We had double handfuls of people who showed up at 5AM to work this race and they were still to be seen at 4PM, cleaning up trash, washing out igloos, and waiting to hang that last medal around the neck of first-time 50Ker Marc David Alpert.

Please go to the race website and view the runner comments commending our volunteers! The Bulldog Races would like to thank our park rangers who worked hard to help us put out little fires and keep things running smoothly. We are especially thankful to have Ranger Blake Steele working our race every year. Blake is such an integral part of our Bulldog Family.

I would like to recognize our team of race sponsors, many of whom have been with us for years providing water, drinks, goodie bag stuff, winner gifts, raffle prizes, etc. We have the most generous sponsor in Brian Dameworth of Foot Pursuit, Simi Valley. Brian donated generous gift certificates for the overall winners in each race and also for the masters and grand-masters winners in the 50K. This year we were pleased to welcome North Face as official sponsor of the Bulldog Runs. North Face brought their new line of trail shoes to the finish area and made generous donations of shoes for the winners. Please look for them to appear on our website in the next few days. One special person appeared on Friday evening to help us unload the Penske truck and then ran 5:55:46 in the 50Ků thank you Lynn Longan. Last but not least, I want to thank my family Larry, Kirsten, Heather, Alex, Kimmy, and yes, YOU Stacy, #!*@Yeaaa!!! XOXO!

Race photos will be posted at:

Happy trails,

Nancy & Larry Dervin


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