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2010 BullDog Race Report

2010 Bulldog 50K/25K Race Report

by Nancy Shura-Dervin



By Nancy Shura-Dervin

What is happening to our beloved sport of ultrarunning???

Seems the 50K ultramarathon is really no longer an "ultra" marathon; what started out as a venue for older runners well into their slow twitch years has now become a platform for the young set to launch themselves into the world of ultrarunning.

Seems it all started at the 2006 Bulldog 50K when five time defending champion Jorge Pacheco broke his own CR only to come in second to 22-year-old Sal Bautista who finished almost 16-minutes ahead of Pacheco and set the new bar at 3:39:42.

Fast-forward to the 2010 Bulldog 50K where again, in his premier ultra race, 22 year-old Matthew Adams flew through the historically difficult Bulldog 50K racecourse in the most amazing time of 3:31:31. Wait a minute; this isn’t the High Desert 50K… this is… THE BULLDOG!

The 50K had a generous field of 20-something male and female runners this year proving that ultrarunning is turning into a young person’s sport!

So I will continue my race report by talking to the young peeps…



22-year old rookie Matthew Adams blasting a 50K race course with 8000’ of ascent and 8000’ of descent in 3:31:31!


3-hours, 31-minutes and 31-seconds!


And he is photographed at mile 23 jumping sky high in the air and SETE!


Okay, it’s quite the effort to keep up with new age dialogue but not as much effort as you all will use to keep up with this new breed of ultra runner!

So on to the full race report…

Your top three 50K Men are:

1) Matthew Adams (22) 3:31:31
2) Evan Hone (32) 4:05:37
3) Ben Fitzpatrick (35) 4:20:02

The top three 50K Ladies are:

1) Maggie Beach (39) 4:41:19
2) Sada Crawford (44) 4:49:46
3) Tracy Dimino (39) 5:01:15

New course records set in the 50K are:

1) Overall new CR: Matthew Adams = 3:31:31
2) M18-29: Matthew Adams = 3:31:31
3) F18-29: Rachel Ragona = 5:25:53
4) F50-59: Sena Hoodman = 5:30:47
5) F60-69: Carol Mortier = 7:13:14

And now on to the 25K:

Your top three males are:

1) Jon Clark (36) = 1:49:54
2) Jesse Haynes (37) = 1:52:13
3) Nathaniel Mouzis (23) = 1:55:28

Your top three females are:

1) Sue Zihlmann (46) = 2:06:39
2) Shannon Waegner (32) = 2:09:09
3) Erica Gratton (37) = 2:23:12

Only one course record was broken in the 25K this year:

1) F50-59: Frannie Tennant = 2:25:29

As I sit in my house writing this, the thermometer on my porch in Calabasas says 109 degrees. Thankfully we got through the Bulldog races before the real heat wave struck.

Many, many thanks to our team of Sponsors, Ham Radio Club and Volunteers who make this race happen. The Runners comments are already flowing in praising the efforts of our Volunteers and Ham Radio teams at the aid stations and at base camp. I will post comments on the website soon.

Please remember that Bulldog now has a Facebook. Please use the Bulldog Facebook to post your comments and race reports:

Last, but not least, please go to to view and purchase your Bulldog race photos. If you saw the photo collage that Robert posted at the finish line, he is going to create a Bulldog collage that you can purchase with your Bulldog photo in the center! Robert is an amazing photographer and you all looked smokin’ hot and smiling in your photos; please take a look.

So, in closing, I am still blown away by the raw guts of this fine new ultra runner called Matthew Adams!

This is the future of ultrarunning.



Happy trails,

Nancy Shura-Dervin

Legend (for the OFs):

• BBAMIC = Big Bad A** Mother In Charge
• IGWST = It Goes Without Saying That
• LOL = Laughing Out Loud
• NBFAB = Not Bad For A Beginner
• NISM = Need I Say More
• OF = Old Farts
• OMG = Oh My God
• RMLB = Read My Lips Baby
• RUUP4IT = Are You Up For It?
• SETE = Smiling Ear To Ear
• TWITA = Thats What Im Talking About
• UHG2BKM = You Have Got To Be Kidding Me


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