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My Start in Ultra Running

by Ben Gaetos

I never heard of ultramarathon before until I bumped into Flaco Mendoza and Carlos Diaz at Griffith Park in 2001. Flaco placed 2nd overall at AC100 that year. Found out a year later to be stepping into the ultra marathon; Bulldog 50k. You''ve led me beyond what I never knew I was capable of. Big thank you for that.

In 2007, I met retired Philippine Army Maj. Gen''l Jovie Narcise through his blog. I met him personally at Bulldog in ''08. He loved the race so much and very impressed on the organization that he thought about introducing competitive ultra in the Philippines. I became one of his advisers and in ''09, Bataan Death March 102k Ultramarathon was born to commemorate the historic World War II Death March. The site was on the same road (now paved highway) that the US and Philippine soldiers walked. In my visit in 2009, I offered tips (informal clinic) during the training runs and this year I participated in the said race. It was punishing race similar to Badwater with extreme heat and humidity, dusty road constructions, and highway traffic hazards. I was so embraced by the running community and would you believe treated like a hero. I told them that I am only a small time runner here but regardless gained a lot of friends.

The attached article from Frontrunner Mag is published in the Phils. and debuted this year. The editor in chief also participated in the BDM. He requested my first ultra experience race report, Bulldog 2002. The other attachment is from Spooner''s Cove 50k wc I won 1st place overall in an unusual fashion.

Again, thank you for teaching me the journey beyond 26.2 miles. It has been a great adventure meeting and running with lots of unbelievable people.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season to you, Larry and your family.

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