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Real Men/Women of Genius "Greatest Hits" Introduction

by Rich "The Troubadour" Limacher (by permission)


Allow me to introduce Rich "The Troubadour" Limacher creator and author of Real Men/Women of Genius (RMOG/RWOG). Since 2009, Rich has been entertaining the "Ultra List" members with his follies as inspired by suggestions from List members. I have even suggested a couple of topics (see #5 and #2) that The Troub got brilliantly carried away with. So here for your enjoyment, we present:

by Rich "The Troubadour" Limacher

Probably almost a millennium ago there chancest to show up--in France somewhere--some damn plague upon good and gentile society known as"troubadours," whose basic function in life was to suck up to the knights whom they hoped would become dazed--at least enough initially to give 'em free room and board in exchange for their singing songs of sixpence, a pocket full of "why?" about them.

But of course none of that happened in the case of THE Troubadour, a cat named Rich Limacher who sometimes runs ultramarathons but who most of the time just writes whacky jive that nobody on Earth (let alone France) could possibly sing--not even if the original Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" radio commercials would sing 'em for them. So, Rich (sometimes known as "The Troub") decided to *write* all this mockery instead of singing it; and, so far, about the only "knightess" in shining armor to really dig his stuff is the creator of THIS particular website and running club, our heroine Nancy Shura-Dervin, who has asked repeatedly for The Troub to post his RM/WOG series at http://www.trailrunevents.com/ul/index.asp. But it can't be done completely, unfortunately, because yet a different "knight in shining armor" (Bill Thom) got to The Troub first.

So to date, ALL of these RM/WOGs are currently being posted on "TheTroubadour" tab at...


...but through gracious permissions and tolerances and eyes-looking-the-other-way, this Troub character is now able to make a few "selections" available to you dear UltraLadies (and UltraLadies' Men) by also posting some of 'em right here.

And in case anyone's interested, this TroubleDoer is actually a professional writer who has his own little minuscule website at...


...as well as his own personal email address at...


Oh, and he prefers email. If any of you feel some compelling legal need to send a summons, however, you might--by design--have trouble. He lives in a Chi-Town subway inside some often-changed double-wide cardboard refrigerator box which is moved about the city from time to time. :-)

Here; Have some sugar.

{Author's Note: This RM/WOG series first began with a post to the UltraList on Monday, March 30, 2009. See "the first one" as reproduced below. This particular assemblage can be called "Greatest Hits" precisely because the following 10 posts have actually been "hit on" (and presumably read) the most, as recorded by the "counter" at RunRace.net. From time to time, this extrapolated list--as reposted below--will be amended, updated, and/or added to (or subtracted from?); so please enjoy in the meantime. Thanks!}

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