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Aid Stations & Cutoffs

Aid Stations

Aid stations are available at mile 2.5, mile 3.5, mile 7 and mile 10 (mileage approximate).

One of the reasons the VCHM is the "Friendliest Race in L.A." is because our aid stations are manned by the best volunteers around. Please be nice to them so they will come back every year. Aid stations do not have guaranteed communication with the finish line or other aid stations. They will do their best to share information in as timely a manner as is possible. Their primary purpose is to support the runners passing through their stations, so please be understanding and THANK OUR VOLUNTEERS!

All aid stations will provide water, sports drink, pretzels or chips, candy, salt. To discourage the use of paper cups and because the temperatures may be warm, all runners are encouraged to carry a water bottle.


There is a 3.5 hour time limit to complete the course. You must pass through the mile-7 aid station by 10:00 AM or you will be asked to drop from the race (note: From the mile-7 aid station, it is a short walk down hill to the finish line). Please do not register for the race if you expect it will take you longer than 3.5 hours to complete.


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